Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hell Week - Tuesday

I work with some pretty great people - I put an email out at work shamelessly asking for prayers and good thoughts on Friday - and I am getting so much wonderful support from them!
(Look to the left - those are two of the little people who are keeping me going this week!!!! Notice I didnt say sane...cause that just aint possible!)

Found some more articles as I was putting things away to pack up - so have re-written the paper again as well as the reference list and the annotated biography - to the point that I have run out of printer ink!

Rec'd a kind phone call from someone who has this all behind her - who reminded me that I have to email things in before Friday! Had totally forgotten about that! Thank you Bernie! And I think I got the outline down to one page AND at a 12 font! Hopefully it will still help me...

Laundry is done, time to pack. Have to get up well before dawn for our flight....

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