Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hell Week - Thursday

Ok, I am in a full blown stress out here!

Lovely day today - not as warm as yesterday (it was 93 degrees down here... in the middle of November!!!) but very nice. Very nice that is until I lost my camera. I am sure I will never see it again, and of course what I really miss is the 1 gig (or whatver it is) scandisk! Luckily I downloaded the photos yesterday - and only ad a couple new ones on there today. But of course there were all these great photo ops today that I couldnt take advantage of! The park is so beautiful decorated for the holidays and especially at night! Guess I will buy a throw away camera tomorrow afternoon...

I dont even know what time I need to leaver tomorrow to get there on time! Mapquest says 25 minutes but I so dont trust them....and no one I ask here can give me a better answer. So I am going to give myself an hour...and maybe I will get there a little early.

Wonder if I will even sleep tonight?

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