Monday, November 12, 2007

Hell Week - Monday

Day one of countdown...didnt make it to the gym. Overslept. Got to play with grandson and hold granddaughter before they left for home. So oversleeping was ok...

Have worked more on my paper. Anyone know a magic portion for 24 hours of photographic memory?

Got some laundry done...will go put some more in the washer in just a minute.

Made lunch reservations for grandson at the pirate restuarant at Disneyland (Blue Bayou if you want to be more precise!).

Found mistakes on the Reference page for the paper, fixed them - have to print it out AGAIN!

Think I better pack some tums or rolaids or something....and the debate with myself is - do I want to go to the CSUDH bookstore while there and get a momento of what could be (hopefully will be!) my last trip there? Or would that jinx me??

Oh yeah - felted my new purse. Finally gave in and bought this kit at a lovely store in Pleasanton, Knit This, Purl That (hopefully I got the name right). Have falled in love with a purse in the store but dont have the time to take the class. So this kit appears to be the same yarns. I didnt quite like the bottom, which was jsut a 3 needle bind off which would make it a flat tote. So I did a circular decrease and made it a rounded tote. Took a photo of it drying, but will take another photo when I get the straps in and see if they work right...if not there is enough yarn to make new straps.

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