Monday, November 19, 2007

Wrapping up Hell Week

Well - those are the best photos I have since I lost my camera on Thursday. Which means I lost the photos of COnnor being surprised with balloons and a birthday basket...and the boys in the Monster Inc car....I am sad more that I lost the photos than I lsot the camera (altho the loss of the camera resulted in missed photo ops) and the fact that I lost my LARGE scan least I didnt lose the one with Connors Birthday party photos on it! Did get some photos the last day there with a disposible camera...
So Friday was something else. Woke up early (of course) totally stressed out. Couldnt even eat the breakfast I bought the night before....cried myself silly on the drive there until I had a little talk with myself about how silly I was being. Just missed being hit twice....I thought drivers up here were crazy! Down there if they dont like the speed in a lane - they jsut make their own lane!
Got there plenty early and found other people there jsut as stressed as I was. It was very easy to focus on typing the paper - the other people around me didnt bother me at all. The paper turned out to be a page longer than when I originally wrote it - even though I later realized I forgot to add in some evaluation tools I meant to put in - so I dont know if I went back and started adding in redundant info or not. About 2/3 of the way thru I regretted not eating anything. I finished spell check and all about 15 minutes early. Went outside and met up with some of the people who had done their orals and were waiting to do their paper. Oh, and ate my breakfast at 12:30!!! I felt to drained - totally brain dead and jsut totally drained....I cant explain it at all...
Sat in a group of 5 for the orals - and our moderator was the director of the school! - and was totally blown away by these smart, intelligent women...I was so drained from the paper experience that I could barely put sentences together much less paragraphs. Spoke with another person who was in that group later and she said she felt the same way. But I am encouraging her to publish her paper becuase the basis was fantastic!
Was thinking about stopping and buying a new camera but didnt. Made it back to the hotel and valet parking and ran upstairs to the room to go to the bathroom. At that point I oculdnt find my phone so thought I left it in the car...ran back downstairs and they had already parked the car. The Christmas parade was to start at 3:30 but for premeir seating (at the top of the stairs at the railroad) you had to be their early so I hiked double time to get there (my knee was killing me by the time I got there) without being able to call ahead....the parade wasnt all that good (Disney parades have all gone downhill since the 80's - jsut not as good and much much shorter) but the best part of it - what made it all worthwhile - was as I rounded the corner I heard two little guys shouting "MeMaw! MeMaw is here!!!!!!" That made it all worthwhile!
Had fun the rest of the evening - and watched the fireworks and the snow!!!
Sat morning we watched the boys while daughter and son in law packed and did some last minute shopping. Then they left and we hit California Adventure - drove to Knott's and had our chicken dinner - drove back to Disney to watch the fireworks again - and then to bed totally exhausted!
Sun we had the world's lousiest breakfast at the RainForest Cafe....and then we did our shopping - and left. Exhausted. Still tired. But last night got 1 of my last 4 assignments for this semester done - they are all due this week so you probably wont see much posting this week!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Birdsong said...

Oh, I am sooo sorry about your camera. I understand your frustration entirely. I will be rooting for you to get good results on the exams, and can imagine you were so stressed, but I am glad you had a great adventure with the grandbabies afterwards to put it all back in perspective. Hang in there, the semester's almost over.