Friday, November 30, 2007

I thought this was cute!

I dont know - I cant size it so that it is let me translate here.....
What HE says is "I've been thinking...I'm the man of this house, so starting tomorrow I want you to have a hot delicious meal ready for me the second I walk thru that door...Afterwards,while watching ESPN and relaxing in my chair, you'll bring me my slippers and then run my bath...And when I'm done with my bath, guess who is going to dress me and comb my hair?"

And SHE replies : "The funeral director."

Anyway, I am still going nuts here waiting to hear....and it is driving me crazy. I would like to be able to sleep thru the night again someday....I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me in their way, and hope you are still praying!

Meanwhile, I am seeing 'signs' everywhere I look....and I really really wish that big black old crow or raven or whatever, would leave my driveway area cause it is really giving me the creeps and worries!

Just went outside to take some recycling out - and heard this odd noise - and there is a squirrel scampering up the palm tree with an apple in his mouth! Now, I want to know where he got that apple....and he looked so funny trying to carry it up while he ran up that tree. I guess when I stopped to talk to him he realized I wasnt going to shoot him or anything, so he stopped to taste it...but then the dog saw him and starting whining, so he ran on up.

The other day I took pity on my plants and went out to water them. This weather has been so very very crazy. So do you know what I discovered? My lilac bush has some puny blossoms on it!!!!! At the end of November! And I thought I was the one going crazy!

Had a lovely day making the rounds of the thrift the cutest little Christmas polar bear pin...some yarn for a scarf that will go in the donation pile...books...some collectibles that will become was an awesome day to shop (especially since one of the shops was having a 50% off sale! Boy, I have never seen that shop so crowded!)

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Jane said...

I don't know what it is that is keeping you awake at night - and that you are seeing signes of everywhere - but I hope all is well. Thanks for entering my contest.