Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gas Prices

Just read an article in the paper that stated that Maui has the most expensive gas.
Hello????? Have you been driving around CA recently?

Coastal CA has the same prices as the ones quoted in the Maui article. $3.99/gallon for the lowest octane in Cambria - Cayucas - Morro Bay area.

And the little gas station jsut before Big Sur - $5.20/gallon!!!! Never really thought before why so expensive - part of the reason is the cost of the gas for the trucks to take the gas to these out of the way places!

We are lucky - knock wood - no big family with kids - and not living on Social Security - so I havent REALLY noticed how the gas prices are affecting the grocery prices. This big ole world called the USA is getting a bit scary these days...and I am really concerned for my children and their children.

Speaking of which - DD#2's house is supposed to close by the end of the month! Isnt that exciting? And if you think it is wonderful - keep ordering things thru to keep her and not-son-in-law working so they can afford this house!

Son is finally painting above my kitchen window. Something I have wanted ever since we re-painted all the downstairs. He is his worst critic tho - wanted to surprise us when we got home form our weekend away (will write more about that later) but only the banner is almost done cause he keeps finding fault with what he is doing. When finished it will say VIVI BENE RIDI SPESSO AMA MOLTO (Live well, laugh often, love much). And only when it is done to his standards will he allow me to photograph it!!!

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