Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Todays the Day - it is B Day

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse. They tour it on the 3d Sat on the month and this was the first time we were there at the right time! They are trying to raise money to restore it - they need about $12 million to restore and rebuild all the buildings. And no - even tho it is right down the highway from Hearst Castle - the Hearst family has NOT donated any money for the restoration...

Big whale migration route. And we did see some spouts. They say at times they can see the whales close up. But not that day - of course! The water was a bit rough and it is the tail end (punny???) of the migration time....

Found this in an Antique store in Cayucas. Had to buy it! What are the odds of finding something from the little town in PA where we lived for 12 years - at an antique store in CA!!!

This will eventually go to DD#2 cause she loves pigs....or maybe to granddaughter since she was born in the year of the Pig....but I cant part with it yet!
Elephant seals....young ones. We saw many dead, decaying, and being eaten baby ones. We asked one of the volunteers and they said that the storm that came thru a few weeks before caused many deaths becuase they were jsut too young to deal with the waves. At this point they are here growing, and practicing their swimming lessons...
Piedra Blanca......White rock. By the lighthouse which was named for the rock. Later in the year, we are told, this rock will be covered with Harbor Seals. There were a few at the very base of it.

Sunset while eating at one of our favorite restuarants - the SeaChest. Even growing up by the ocean - you forget how the sunset occurs - the sun creeping down into the ocean slowly - and then - whoosh! All of a sudden it is gone! This was shortly before the whoosh!

We had a lovely time in Cambria. Toured the lighthouse on Sat afternoon and did the night tour at Hearst Castle that night - a dark and stormy night! They said that afternoon, when even in Cambria we felt the temperature drop dramatically, they even had hail that afternoon up at the Castle! This year (this is the 2d time we have done the night tour) they had many more costumed people in the Castle and more interactions with them...it was fun.
You can buy Hearst beef there at the Castle - frozen of course. Can even have it shipped to you. A bit costly. But we had some of their beef at a restuarant and must say, it was very very tender and good. Free range beef. And therefore higher in Omega 3's - which I have learned is very important ....also learned that it is very important to buy the eggs with Omega 3....
(.) (.) (.) (.) (.) (.) (.) (.)
B-day.....boob day...biopsy day...hubby got me up early so I could eat breakfast cause they want me NPO for 6 hours before they skewer my boob...and all I can see is the last of my Peeps waiting for me....they sure do look good!! Right now that is what I am most afraid of....not prognosis...not yet....that will come AFTER I survive this assault on my boob!

But I am going to post some Cambria photos here becuase we had a lovely weekend there - and I want to think of that rather than having a panic attack!

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