Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I survived it! Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Was it as bad as I expected it to be? Yes and no.

The tech was a sweetie....with warm hands which is unusual for a mammo tech! And the radiologist was very very nice.

Now, the table I had to lie - unmoving! - on for 1.5 hours will never make the Temperpedic Company worry about competition! That was very uncomfortable - had to lie there on my abdomen with my boob thru a hole - being tightly compressed by the mammo machine.

And then the numbing shot - ouch! And let me tell you - Lidocaine does wear off! After an "ouch" I was re-dosed....and later, after a "bigtime ouch" I was re-dosed again! That time I almost broke out in a sweat...

They had to actually make 2 incisions to try and get a good sampling. He was disappointe he was not able to get them all but knows he got enough for a sampling. And he said (which I will hold on to for the next few days) that he is "suspicious" that they are benign.

Right now I am bound up like they use to bind women up who were not going to breast feed - I have a steristrip on my colorful boob (black marking pen - brown betadine - and some dried blood) with a gauze taped over it. Then another gauze, and these nifty little ice packs - and then an ace bandage wrapped all around me - and my sports bra over all that.

And yes it is tender - and I am sure will be much more colorful by the time I can take another shower....48 hours from now!!! YUCK!!!

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