Saturday, March 29, 2008

This should be a contest

But I dont know how long people would have to wait to win!

OSH had their "fill the bag up and get 10% off" sale today. So we went and filled it up - got some seeds and pots (lavendar and sweet pea) and a tomato growing kit for grandson since his cousins enjoy growing plants...some lightbulbs and some peg hooks....and some things for hubby that he has been wanting for awhile.

Since he had to tear down some shelving in the garage to have the new garage doors installed (which are wonderful by the way!) - it left enough space for a work bench that he has been talking about for years. So there was this very nice basic workbench thingie, and with 10% off, not a bad price. As I told my son, whether or not he has a workbench - the thing is, he will never return things to where they belong (but makes sure he blames others for loosing things!) so why a work bench? Becuase he wants the test will be how long it takes him to put it together.

But better yet - we finally bought the new storage shed he has been wanting. At a good price. The contest would be how long it takes to get this one into place....but I am afraid that it will take much too long for a contest. He needs to finish cleaning out the old one - tear it down - build the foundation he wants to put under this one - and then build this one....hmm...years? decades? I know it will be more than months....

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