Thursday, March 27, 2008

This and That

These are socks I made for a friend of mine. She bought the Jitterbug yarn at Ball, Skein and More in Cambria. I love working with that yarn! Bt if you guys only knew how crazy this person is - when I asked her for a photo of the socks on or off her feet, I knew I was in trouble. She did give me permission to post the other photo tho...
When we were in Cambria I bought 2 skeins of the Jitterbug yarn to make socks for me - I wanted 3 but...When I was paying for them, I found out that the owner of the shop had died very unexpecetedly the week before and so they had no idea what is going to become of that shop. It is a very nice shop - I hope someone else will buy it and continue her tradition of lovely yarns ...
Forgot to talk about this antique shop I found in Paso Robles...I think I spent an hour in it. Could have dropped a lot of money there but a.) did not have the money and b.) did not have the truck to bring everything home in! So jsut got a crocheted purse and a tiny manicure set with jade/jadite handles (which I cannot take a photo of until I remember where I put the battery charger for the camera).

Reading the paper this morning and saw this article about a very considerate man...92 year old died of a self inflicted gunshot wound in front of a mortuary.
I am itching like crazy! Cannot wait to take off this stuff off and take a shower - this afternoon! That is when the 48 hours will be up...but also when the workers will be gone. We are having the original garage door replaced with a new and improved model. From heavy wood - which has already broken down several times - to an aluminum one with windows installed so we can actually see in the garage at any time of day without having to put the lights on for quick trips out there!

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