Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Laundry Day

Its a necessary evil - doing laundry - but not a hard one, right? You gather up the clothes, throw them in the washer with soap and turn it on...

Easy peasy....until you have to do it with a broken leg. And that 3 step process turns into a multi step process:

  • empty out the hamper
  • go around the house gathering tote bags
  • fill the tote bags with the laundry - eventually balancing on one leg while using the walking boot to try and corral the one sock that keeps trying to get away from you
  • balance the tote bags (2 in this case) and crutches while wheeling yourself over to the garage door.
  • open the door - which in itself a multi step process - and throw the tote bags out into the garage
  • cuss when they fall over and dump clothes out
  • get out of wheelchair onto crutches and very slowly and carefully go down the steps into the garage
  • place crutches against something so they wont fall down while you bend over, one legged, and put everything back into the tote bags
  • toss totebags a little closer to the washer
  • cuss again when you find that same *^$#@ sock has escaped again
  • gather up that sock and throw it towards the tote bag and grin like a fool when it actually lands on top of the tote bag (the dog already knows you are crazy so ignores you when you yell out "All right!!")
  • gather up crutches and hobble your way over towards the washer
  • stop once or twice to push tote bags closer to washer - using the walking boot or one of the crutches
  • get off crutches again , open washer to make sure it is empty (hubby sometimes forgets to transfer clothes from washer to dryer) and hop close enough to get laundry soap scoop out of laundry soap container
  • throw soap in washer and turn it on (after making sure neither son or husband has changed settings)
  • lean backwards and gather totebags and dump them into washer
  • hobble back on crutches towards steps
  • lean around corner and place crutches against the wall in the house so that you can reach them when you get in, and they dont fall over before you get back inside
  • go up the steps - on butt backwards
  • use cedar chest and wheelchair to stand up, and turn around and get into wheelchair
  • wipe sweat off forehead, huff and puff a bit while the dog looks at you with pity in his eyes

Easy peasy....and soon I will have to repeat a modified version of this to transfer clothes into dryer.

Maybe another time I will tell you about emptying and filling the dishwasher - another task I need to do today. And another one of those easy peasy tasks...

Psst, dont tell hubby, but I took a shower ALL BY MYSELF today!!!!!!! And it went fine!

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MLJ1954 said...

I promise that I will not complain about doing the laundry ever again, well may not ever, but at least for awhile.

Be careful and congrats on the shower! Isn't it grand to be a liberated woman!