Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cambria 2013

So we went to Cambria for our almost-annual mini vacation. I worked Tuesday night - got home and we went out to breakfast - then had to wait around to pick up our Fair entries. Slept about 1/2 the trip.....woke up to go to our favorite Antique store in Paso Robles. Don't know if they economy is hitting them, or if they are getting sick of the business or what, but they place wasn't overflowing with things like usual, and almost every booth had sales going on. Left the 99 degrees there and drove to the nice and lovely 66 degrees coast!
Started in Cayucas at the couple of antiques shops there that we really like....then went on to Cambria to check in at the B&B, enjoy their wine hour, and have dinner.....and then I finally collapsed into bed!!! A long, but lovely, day!
Moonstone Beach
 Fabulous calamari steak....ended up bringing almost 1/2 of it home....this was preceded by the best clam chowder I have had in a very long time
 Hubs said the cioppino was "ok"....remember he compares everything to the cioppino he makes! LOL....never seen cioppino with veggies in it tho
 Looking at the sun going down from inside The Sea Chest
 First night sunset over Moonstone Beach
Second night sunset at Moonstone Beach

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