Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

It has been a while since I posted anything.....I am frustrated that I cannot figure out how to load photos any more....and now that I said that, I went to try again and it was a snap!

Last week we had the 2 southern grandkids here...southern CA that is. And it was fun. Too bad it was the start of a very loooooooonnnnng (still going on) heat wave.

Took them to the Oakland Zoo, which was fun...and tiring!
 They spent a night and day at their aunt's house....swimming and playing at
 a jump place.

Then we all spent a day at their aunt's place, after attending a swim meet that was cut short due to a Code hot hot day and all my photos disappeared. First the camera kept saying that my card was full - and that I only had 16 photos on it - and when I brought it home to download, those photos were gone. Yup, I am blaming it on the heat.
 Next up was the Fair with all the grandkids. Altho just as hot we paced ourselves and did fine.
Our day started later than we planned tho because of a little neighborhood excitement. Our "son-in-law" was out rearranging things in the car when he came inside and said something strange was going on. He saw this guy riding his bike up and down the street - and then go to the house across the street - no one was home, but they had left their garage door up (they do this frequently when it is hot - which is so strange because the guy works on hot rods and has a lot of expensive equipment). Said he heard the guy knocking on the door and calling out - Hello, anyone home?
The he saw the guy look around and duck into the garage and could see him moving around a lot in there. My husband thought it might be the neighbors son, but right them my daughter drove up and flipped a u-ey in front of their house, which brought the guy to the garage door to look out. Nope, not the son.
So hubby got on the phone with 911 because there have been a rash of burgleries in town targeting houses with no cars in the driveway.
We kept an eye on all this until the police came.....and they got the guy, his $2000.00 bike and some of the items he had on him as he came out, and the items he had piled up (which we couldn't figure out how he was going to take the water/beer/soda on the bike!).
Turns out he is known to the PD and the neighbors vaguely knew him - met him years and years ago when he was married, had a business, and owned a very expensive hotrod. But apparently a nasty coke habit took care of all that and now he is homeless and lives on the street. The PD are hoping to connect him to some of the burgleries.....

Funny to watch/hear little sister concerned over big sister's safety because she stayed out front until back up came -- mainly because she was unarmed!

 These two became best friends....felt sorry for Ralph once they left and he spent the first 2 days running up and down the stairs and into all the rooms looking for the kids!
 Update on the neighborhood watch case: turns  out the thief is the one who was responsible for many of the home robberies in the area!

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