Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Castle

 Land lots of land....oh, they own(ed) so much!

 I am so glad hubs finally took me here....cant tell you how many times we have been back, but this place astounds me.... the wealth....the absolute amazing amount of wealth....and yet people lived here just as we do in our oh-so-not-similar house/life....
Again, we have been on every tour, some more than once but you always see/find something new. This was a new tour for us - a longer tour (320 steps to climb!! LOL) and saw areas of the castle we had never seen before. This, and the Evening Tour, are now our favorites!
 The Neptune pool.....I cant imagine what it would be like to swim in these pristine water! And I am not going to try and find out how much it would cost to do so! LOL ended up here twice.  We got to go into one of the cottages we had never been into (see the open door on the right?)
The details everywhere are amazing....the genius of the collector (as well as the untold wealth) and the genius of the architect....match made in heaven! You have to remember to constantly look up and down, as well as all around

 Floor inside one of the rooms
 This is a fireplace detail
 Ceilings....each ceiling more spectacular than the last

 Amazing doors

A couple from NYC said this bathroom was as large as their apartment....included closets, cupboards, a glass enclosed shower, and a tub....very feminine
This one was very masculine and included closets, cupboards, and a shower as well as this tub. Notice the detail around the heating vent! This is all part of the North Tower which we had never seen before - and unfortunately was not completed nor occupied by WR & Marion before his death. These suites they believe were meant to be for them....the bathrooms were much more ornate than others we have seen there

 Got to go in the back way to the Roman Pool. Saw the changing rooms - 20 'stalls' each of which had places to change clothes & hang clothes; and each of which had its own shower. There (supposedly) were 20 because that was the max # of guests invited at any one time....
 Beautiful beautiful gold leaf tile....and of course, had to include a photo of my friend the crab!
 They have changed up the tours a bit.....they don't take you right from the bus to the tour and right back on the bus. Once the tour is complete you are welcome to wander about the grounds for as long as you want!

 I don't know, but this snail looks suspiciously like one I have seen in Disney movies!!!
FINALLY got to see the zebras! Altho WR sold off most of his zoo during the Depression, some animals remain on the property - elk, long horned sheep, etc. But sightings of the zebras have become quite common recently - and I was so thrilled that I got to capture them on film! They mingle with the cattle on the Hearst Ranch

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