Sunday, June 24, 2007

I can't believe we did it again!

As we were laying the tile last night in our downstairs bathroom - I realized - AGAIN we forgot to take before photos! Darn it all!

Last week we tore out the old vanity. Old is right - apparently someone jsut refinished an old one instead of replacing it. Then Thursday evening while I was at work, Tom tore out the linoleum. Said it was pretty easy - no adhesive left under most of it!

So Friday, after a busy afternoon at work, I came home and after dinner we set to work. Took the toilet out. Took our the shower doors. Took down the humongous mirror (without breaking it, I will have you know!),

So Saturday after going to breakfast we set to work....had to make a trip to Home Depot of get some drywall to fix the wall where the sink plumbing it. That was such an odd wonder how things are built! Of course I really wonder, when the two walls on either side of the bedroom door into the bathroom are offset...wonder if they added the one closet?
So after that we got to work on the floor.

Tom even let me play with his power tools....after playing jigsaw puzzle with the backer board, I got to screw most of it in!

And then we went to early dinner. After that we started in laying the tile. Only took us 3 hours!
And as we were laying it, I was disappointed with it. Told Tom I liked the tile upstairs much better. But when I looked at the tile today - I do like it. Very neutral. Supposedly gray but I swear it has green in it. So I think the walls will be green. Maybe a very very light sage shade...altho I was looking at the peach walls upstairs (it is a pain to have to trek upstairs to use the bathroom - especially in the middle of the night!) and I do like that color...

Looked at lights while at Home Depot. Couldn't decide on any. I don't have a 'vision' for this room yet. I mean, with the upstairs bath, as soon as we picked the white pedestal sink I knew exactly where we were going and it was easy to pick out the shower curtain, lights and all....altho I am no decorator by any means! And it was a thrill when it all came together so well! I think I need to pull out the vanity/sink we bought so long ago...I think that will help.

And yes, jsut to let you all know, we are both a little slow and sore this morning...

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