Monday, June 11, 2007

More on the bathroom

I am so upset with myself for not taking 'before' photos. The bathroom is looking so awesome!
Yesterday we got the toilet put in - no problem. Got the shower curtain rod up - spent the extra money and got one of those hotel room types, that are curved outward. And the baseboards up. Which really finishes off the floor nicely.

But the pedestal, I wont name names as to who chose the sink, but Tom (oops!!) thought it would look nicer (it does) and roomier (it does) and be easier to install - HA!
First of all, some of the younger guys at Home Depot seem to think women dont know what they are doing at all. When we picked out the faucet, I kept telling him that the box the sink was in (which was on the cart right in front of him) said the faucet was an 8" offset...but he said it was standard and anything would fit. So he sold us a faucet with a 4" offset....guess what???? Yup, another trip back to Home Depot...

Where of course they didnt have any other faucet we really liked. But this time a man who knew what he was doing helped us. And we bought a new sink (today I get to take back the old one) and sold us back the faucet we just returned.

That all fit. But the trouble came with securing the sink to the wall and the fact that there is only enough room to work in IF you have hands the size of a toddlers....FINALLY got that in (glad no one was taking photos or recording us during that part!!). Now jsut needs some finagling with the pipe, so Tom gets to make another trip cause he knows what kind of pipe he needs.

Called it a day after we hung the shower curtains. And we keep running up there to admire our work! Didnt get the window blinds up as planned - so at this point we still have to do that, the mirror (which needs a coat of paint) and switchplate covers. Oh yeah, and put the door back up.

Which brings me to another Now this is an original bathroom. Not added on by anyone. And as I was sitting in there yesterday I again complained about the fact that where the switch and the outlet were are so stupid cause they waste so much of the limited wall space. If you put a towel rack above, you would have to be the Jolly Green Giant to reach, and if you put a towel rack below, they would drag on the ground. And the more I looked the more I realized something else - they arent even level with each other!!! The outlet box is about an 1" lower than the switch!!! How stupid is that????

So I still dont have the covers for that because I cant find what I want although I have seen them in the past! Go figure - that is how it always goes huh! I just want white covers that are vaguely shell shaped. And I know I have seen them - but not when I am looking for it!

Got my entries for the fair turned in on Saturday. Not really happy with the way the baby socks turned out, but I do like how the blanket looks. Met up with our friends Mitch and Marilyn for lunch. Took them to our favorite Mexican restuarant (which Mitch said was good!) and where my hubby endeared himself to me by dumping a container of hot sauce on me!!!! And it also splashed on Marilyn's NEW WHITE top and her purse!!!!!!!!!!! Then went to the grad party for the son of a friend of our's. Also went to a movie that night - Ocean's 13. So we had fun on Saturday before we worked our butts off on Sunday...

I am anxious to make this pattern called Scrawl ( but dont like the color choices in the yarn it is made from. So finally decided on a yarn...and of course my friend Joan at has the yarn but it is so hard to choose colors with seeing them! Maybe I can get down there at the end of the month. Meanwhile I am forcing myself to finish 2 UFO's. One is a Christmas gift for a friend who might read this...and one if the sweater I started how long ago?? from homespun yarn. Love the colors of the yarn. And I have the back and sleeves done. So as soon as I finish the Christmas present I can do the fronts of this sweater. And then I can maybe make that shrug pattern! If I get too bored, I have about 3 - 1/2 pairs of socks done!!

But this week is the week to clean the house for Owen's birthday party next Sunday!! He is already 2! So unbelievable! And that means that Jack will be 2 in August and Connor 5 in November! And in between that, Owen will welcome a little sister in September! This family is growing!

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h2ogirl75 said...

This is a great idea.. I am trying to finish one for the boys for family and friends, I got it from Kristi..