Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some of the photos I promised

Here are the 3 boys at Christmas 2006. Soon I should be able to get an updated photo of them posted! Connor, on the left, is the oldest, at 4 years old - in the rocking chair is the youngest Jack, who was 16 months old in this foto - and the long haired cutie, Owen, is 18 months old in this photo. Owen will be welcoming a sister into his family this coming September - hopefully AFTER we come back from Hawaii!
The other photo is of Jack and PaPa at Connor's T'ball game - or Dirt Ball as we call it since the kids seem to be more interested in playing in and with the dirt than playing pre-baseball! Lots of fun - especially to see how they improved over the short season. Kudo's to the coach's patience!!

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