Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh No, That Cant Happen to Me!

Yeah - we have all said that at one time or another huh?
I have said it too.
Cause I take real good care of my credit cards. I won't even give out CC numbers/information over portable phones cause I have heard those can be intercepted...

So what happens?
Got a call from American Express checking into a number of recent charges...several of which were declined thank goodness.
Yep, on the first 2 Saturdays of this month someone decided to try to go shopping with my CC.
3 or 4 places on the first Saturday. They managed to actually charge things then.
The second Saturday the humongous charge was declined.

So luckily AmEx knew this was not usual activity on my account (after all, I havent even checked this month's statement yet!). And so out with the old - in with the new. And I hope that somehow that little bugger can be traced!

But first I would like to figure out how and when they got the number. Cause neither hubby nor I can figure it out. Havent even used the card in about 2 months.

"They" keep talking about turning us into a cashless society. Well, before that happens, "they" better be able to figure out how to keep our accounts safe from those nasty little sneak thieves.

So - if anyone reads this - I hope you go immediately to check on all your CC accounts and make sure they are safe from intruders!

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Bobbisox said...

Danielle, I guess my AmEx folks figure everything I order is ok, I really gave the newest card a workout in May, ordering more than $700 in sock yarn (yeah, even I can't justify what I did) but not one little call or anything. I hope that they will be on top of things if they ever NEED to be.