Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Photos knitting things

Here are some more knit roses. That is a Longaberger vase that I kept collectible needles and some lavender in. Took the lavender out and used some of those collectible needles (especially the single ones) as stems. The roses are from the Peruvia rose pattern - and one of those is the original one I used as a memoriam to the Red Cross Nurses from the poem earlier on the website.

So, a while back I read this hint about getting those spongy interlocking mats to use to block knit items. Looked for them for awhile - found online but not in store - and forgot. Then a few weeks ago when we were making all those dump runs from cleaning out the decrepit storage shed that was here when we bought the house...I actually found two of them buried in there! I think they belonged to my son, but I am not sure.

Cleaned one off today and got out my vest to block - I wanted it a little longer than it turned out. So washed the mat...washed the vest...got out my T pins...and there is this big ole hole inmy vest!!!! I kinda fixed it - I guess I will be putting a pin or something on my vest to cover the area up. Also found out - I really dont like those buttons on the vest. Maybe I will look for one great big awesome button for the top of it...

Can you see the pucker? Guess I can cause I know it is there...

PS. That is one of our bathrooms doors underneath it all - they need a 2d coat but it has been too windy this week to do that!

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Jane said...

Pretty boquet! I can't see the hole in your vest - but maybe you can cover it up with a....Rose!!!