Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Checking In!

Amy - here are the photos of the collectible Jim Beam bottle that you couldnt download! And those 2 Longaberger baskets that were such a great find at the thrift shop - can you believe the one on the left was only $0.50!! You cant see it, but behind the bottle is the pottery shamrock candle from Longaberger I got that day too.

Well the truck is in the shop to get its bumper fixed. Ouch! So I am home today without transportation - after I get caught up here, I will get caught up on home stuff.

And the best news is - we will be making progress on the bathroom. Discussing options with our wonderful neighbor - we have decided to go ahead and have the pipes moved. IT will be best in the long run and might not cost as much as we originally thought. So that means we can get the vanity and sink in place - and maybe this weekend get the light up - the baseboards in....YAY!

Saw Harry Potter movie on Saturday. It was a bit slow. I am so far behind in reading the books - they are not my type of book to start with - but once I start reading one, they are a very good read. Might just deal with the movies tho...
Sat we got a lot of garage sale-ing done. It is good when you can get your hubby hooked! Got a very nice umbrella stroller for my daughter - and a little play wheelbarrel. And my two huge and exciting finds - a Balleek Christmas ornament for $0.25 that usually costs about $20 - $25 and a beautiful antique mirror for $5!! Still havent decided where to put that - have it 'narrowed' down either an upstairs bedroom - the dining room - or the front entry hall. Maybe I should read about feng shui and let that decide??
Now hubby is ecstatic over his finds - and he spent quite a bit more money than I did. He got two huge tools - one is a pneumatic (I think) jack hammer, not sure what the other is, and a tool box full of assorted things for $20!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we bought a platform type ladder (almost brand new) for our son for his mural painting for $60....and on the advice of our not-to-be-replaced neighbor went back and bought a nail gun for $100 that our neighbor said easily goes for several hundred dollars. So hubby was happy as a clam!

Went to SF on Sunday and walked our feet off! Had a great day - picked up a couple of Christmas presents. The weather was gorgeous - going over on Bart we thought it was going to be a bit foggy but it wasnt - sunny everywhere and nice and warm! Had a great dinner. Came home tired as could be...and the next day at work I walked my feet off some more! Yesterday was a very slow day at work - finished my library book an hour and a half before the end of the shift....that really made time crawl. But my feet were happy!
I am on the downside on my Scrawl - which means the middle portion is done, and I am on the last 1/3 of it. Cant wait to wear it! It is really pretty, even if it is tedious knitting!

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