Sunday, July 29, 2007

And a clatter arose...

Ended up being on call yesterday - at least the first 4 hours. So decided to go to market with Tom. But before we left - the birdies out in the backyard were all in an uproar! Loud and continuous - what is that racket?

So went outside -without my camera darn it - and on the fences were 2 hawks. Just sitting there over the rose bush mess that the birdies hide in. Heck, they werent even drooling Just sitting there. With their attitude.

When I walked out there, one of them took off. But the other one let me walk up to about 3 feet in front of him, when he decided to very nonchalantly take off...sure wish I had my camera with me!

Got to 3 garage sales. My only brag is about 8 or so plant pots all for $5. And a pretty necklace. But then, garage sale-ing was cut short by the phone call that said "C'mon in".

Came home tho to a bathroom with doors up!!! Now, I need to start moving stuff back in there cause it is useable again!

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dobarah said...

Oh I do so miss garage sales! 'Town' is 30 miles away, but the sales are 130 miles south, so we really never get to them. Then again, the hospitals are the same...our rural hospital has become more of an emergency unit to get us to the main center - Great Falls. Thank you for stopping by my blog! In answer to your question, we were very lucky as no one was hurt and no machinery burned up (although there were two close calls on combines!).