Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things do get better

When we moved into this house umpteen years ago, we found we were blessed with a wonderful neighbor. One who does not complain - one who watches out when we are not here - and one who is truly the go-to person for when you need something.

He had a job where he "knew" a lot of people....tradespeople who also worked for cash on the side. So most of the work on our house has been done via cash trade...and when something needs done, we check in with our neightbor first.

So after the toilet fiasco, hubby went next the time I came home from work Monday night, not only was the toilet flange fixed - the toilet was installed!!!! And all for $55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!
So we are still on the hunt for the vanity...but at least another hurdle has been passed (and we dont have to trek upstairs in the middle of the night either!!!)


Mary Lynn said...

I want to redo our bathroom. I hate it, the wallpaper (we have been in the house for 26 years and haven't touched the wallpaper -- of course all the other wallpaper has peeled -- they must have put this on with superglue). I want a new shower (with a very low lip and very large door). We have a tri-slide door which my darlin' children knock off the tracks at least once a week.

Mary Lynn said...

Good neighbors are great!

danielle said...

Not sure where you live Mary Lynn...but let me tell you - the kind of shower doors you are talking about (which is what we have - sorta) are hard to find and expensive!!

Well, when this one is done (who knows when I will be able to find the vanity!!!) I will finally have a towel bar...ours came off the first year we moved in and my husband refused to replace it becuase "oh, we are going to re-do the bathroom...someday". We moved in in 1990...