Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Texas has been the subject in this house a bit lately. First of all, I still have some family there and also some friends - so I hope they arent getting moldy and mildewed.

And then some good things have happened in Texas to my family - my son was flown to Austin last week and he ended up with a great commissioned job. He is excited about it. Also, as the same time, he got another job via the internet. If you are interested in what kind of work he is doing - see his website below...www.midnightmurals.com. Hoping his webmaster will get it updated soon!

This week hubby is in Ft. Worth for business meetings. He really hates going to those meetings. Even tho he has been able to visit and do some great things in Texas over the years because of these meetings, he still hates to go. No way for me to tag along but I would have loved to - again over the years - to be able to visit family and friends. Oh well.

He had to get up at the un-godly hour of 0400 yesterday. Ungodly for him, and even for me. I had worked the previous 3 days so when I work, I am up at 0530. And once I am up and the eyes are open, that is it, I am awake. So once he left, I got laundry done, checked email, got some knitting done, and then by 0900 I was done. Went to bed with my book to get warm and rested and woke up at 1130!!!!!

Didnt get 1/2 as much done yesterday as planned, but did get to the PO and to the gym! I hate to think how few times we have made it to the gym this year, thanks to the bathrooms, but I will be back there today!

I am starting to love/hate the Scrawl I am working on. I cant wait till it is finished cause I know I will use it a lot - and it is a very easy pattern (http://www.funknits.com/scrawl%20pattern.htm) but it is becoming tedious....and to think I bought yarn for two of them!!! LOL

I made more roses last night - hope to felt them today. And was wondering where I would get needles for their stems. DUH!!! How about in the storage box under my bed?? I have all those millions of needles ofmy own and my moms...and I rarely use straight needles. What a wonderful way to recycle them!

It is a bit chilly this week. And they are even talking about a bit of rain tomorrow. I know my few plants wouldnt mind that. Have a class to go to tomorrow - darn, I forgot the name, but it is about alternative medicine type things - and we will actually be learning a bit - yoga, tai chi, touch, meditation. I am really looking forward to that class!

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Jane said...

Your son's murals are really great!
My son lives in Austin -I've only been there once - nice town.