Baby Shower

Good friends of ours are expecting a new grandbaby in Sept. After raising 3 boys, they are finally gettting a little girl - a Grace!

So she gave a shower for her DIL. And it was beautiful. A brunch - made us all feel so ladylike!
Her house is always beautiful but even more so yesterday. Vintage linens from her family - vintage table ware - mimosas - quiches to die for (my husband, who had some of the quiche later when the guys came back from golf, even enjoyed it, and he usually loathes quiches) - beautiful roses , ones that really smelled like roses! It was so nice. Very refined and yet fun!


Aunt Kathy said…
Now that sounds like a baby shower I'd have enjoyed.
Grace Yaskovic said…
i have a good friend having her first girl in Sept a Grace also, and my birthday is also in September!

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