So Sunday we were supposed to go to Dennis the Menace Park, but ended up at the beach. Which, to me, is even better. But we didnt head towards Carmel cause of all the ash we went to the beach by the Wharf. I think it was the first beach time for these two little guys - not sure - definitely tho for Miss Kaia. And she loved it! Even loved dangling her tootsies in the cold water!

Yeah - even timeout at the Beach is fun...
Not the right ages to cooperate on a sand castle...and it is funny when the one in time out gets crabby when he is bothered by other people coming in to his time out circle to play! At home, he would have loved it...
Kaia even let PaPa hold her. She is in such a Mommy stage. Our friend Marilyn got to hold her for quite some time at dinner on Saturday which was different!
This is actually a Monday morning photo. I jsut wanted to show you that even with bed head, she is adorable. And then they took off back to Nevada....wont be until September that I see them again - they will be here for Kaia's first birthday and the arrival of Luke (AKA Luke Duke Skywalker!!!)
Two more days off before I work and no time to rest up - laundry and errand time! I need a vacation to rest up from this vacation! Maybe Sunday while hubby is at the baseball game!

And now it is time to water my tomato plant, and go to Costco for dog food and get the propane tank filled to barbecue on Friday!


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