Happy Independence Day!

Most people say Happy 4th of July - but I dont think the younger generations truly understand what today celebrates - besides a day off from work for some people - so that is why you are hearing me say Happy Independence Day today!

Went back to the Fair today to see the things we didnt see with the grandkids. It was fun both days - with and without them!

Anyway - today I spent the money. Bought the skirt I really liked. Got a Christmas present. And yes, bought myself a purse (hey, I have one or two in the giveaway bag!). You can check the purse out at https://www.michebag.com/. I bought the black/white one and the green bamboo one. So if anyone needs any ideas what to get me for Christmas this year....and I heard they will be appearing in kiosks in malls before Christmas this year.
Also got free corn plants. Hey, what the heck. We have never planted corn before. It could be fun!

Went and saw Wall-E. It was a very cute movie. But how many message movies are going to be put out this year? Especially since information doesnt seem to impact people no matter how much they believe it - it only impacts when the wallet is hit!
Speaking of wallets being hit - another sign of people being very careful with their money - comparatively few of the art had sold stickers on it at the fair!
Well, it will soon be bbq time....and then watching the fireworks from our upstairs so we dont have to deal with crowds - but can take care of the dog who becomes psychotic when he hears fireworks....everyone stay safe!


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