Complaints and compliments

Let's start with the good things, before we move to the complaints - that way, if you dont feel like listening to me complain, you can quit reading earlier! See the reddish globe in the midst of the leaves of the plant! That's right - tomatoes! We have already eaten 2 from the plant, and will soon be able to eat some more! Nothing better than home grown tomatoes!
And here is the free corn we got from the Fair. One has really taken off compared to the other. We are still blindly believeing the person that it (or they) will actually produce!

We use to grow lots of veggies when the kids were young and we lived in PA. Had one dog who just LOVED to eat the tomatoes right off the vine....

We are having fun with this that we are thinking about re-doing one corner of the back yard (but I refuse to get rid of my lilac bush) so that we can grow more veggies next year. That will be our winter project - to get that corner dug out and done.

Now the a previous post I mentioned this yarn I loved. So I went back to Michael's to get more (after stopping by Walmart and of course they dont care it no matter what the website says). After spending 1/2 hour looking, I located 3 different colors. So, a total of 4 skeins, all 'girly' colors. That means that they all have pink in them. Now the Bernat website shows 2 that are definitely 'boy' colors and I really wanted those.

So when I was checking out, I was asking the clerk about finding out whether or not they would be carrying more colors. Well, this clerk was very helpful - so helpful she kept answering the questions before she listened to them. Basically it boiled down to a resounding, no. And of course, by now the line is much longer becuase, you know, Michaels can never staff enough people to help you much less check you out (they have a pretty rapid turn over in staff at this one, wonder why it is so bad to work for?). So I filled out the survey that was on the cash register reciept and asked to be contacted, and I still havent heard word one.

Now a few words to Arnold, our supposed governor. First of all, youtalk about saving money by sutting back on all the state parks and areas. Guess good ole Mother Nature didnt like hearing you plan to not share her wealth with the citizens of CA and visitors. Cause she is surely burning a lot of the coutnry side up. Dont know if it is a good ole temper tantrum, or just land management but boy it is sure causing havoc in our state - loss of homes, lots more crap inthe air to breath, putting so many lives on the line....I loved the one news reporter welistened to broadcasting out of Yosemite - they edited the comments from the foriegn visitors to make it sound like we did this on purpose to ruin their vacation - but even the reporter made it sound like that! Get real - no one wants people to lose their homes - or wildlife endangered - or even more importantly, the lives of the homeowners and firefighters endangered!

And the other thing want the legislators to hurry up and make a state budget. Hey, I can understand. But why kick the little guys to do it? Do you really think by lowering wages to federal minimum wage will make the legislators hurry up and do anything?

You really need to hurt the legislators where it hurts the most - their own pockets! Freeze THEIR paycheck and benefits and perks - and see how fast they will put together a budget! Wont have to wait to hear and feel the outrage of the working class - hit them in their wallets and I bet you they would work quickly to get things done!

This country, and state, tends to do things bass-ackwards. Hurt the little guys and give the breaks to the big guys. Oh, I know it is because the big guys are the influential and powerful ones. But it is the little guys who are struggling to pay for the products that make the big guys so rich and powerful! You want to stay that way, you need to make sure the little guys have the money to spend on your trinkets...

Enough on my soapbox for now. And yes, today I need to go out there and spend some money to make the rich richer...tomorrow is son's birthday!


Aunt Kathy said…
Well Danielle I stayed with your through the compliments and complaints.

Happy birthday tomorrow to your son
Aunt Kathy said…
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