Chock Full O'Rants

Maybe it is the weather...or my age...I don't know...

But you know what? Age does not negate manners. Just because you are old (elderly, older, geriatric) does not give you permission to be rude. You supposedly spent your time teaching your kids, and maybe your grandkids manners, does that mean you have used up all of yours?
In the USA we line up, in order, to take our turns, starting way back in kindergarten or pre-school. Just becuase you are old and white haired, doesnt mean you have permission to cut in line and look/act all innocent about it! Yes, you have paid your dues - and if there is a legit reason, maybe someone will have the courtesey to give you cuts - but age alone does not mean you can jsut take them!

And hey - I feel the price of gas just like everyone else. And I empathize with people who are doing what they can to eke out a few more miles to the gallon. BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYONE ELSE'S SAFETY!!!!!! So if you are going to drive 15 - 20 miles BELOW the speed limit on the freeway - get into the slow lane! And remember, that lane has the exits and entrances on it - so pay attention!!!

And yes, those of you who do not have the hands free phone devices yet - we can all see you trying to use your cell phones while hiding them from the cops - which makes you two times as dangerous as before!!!!

Went to the Mall today. Hate going to the Mall. Try to go as little as possible. Of course, the great draw today was the air conditioning. Wanted to use up some gift certificates. Got a pedicure with hands down THE BEST leg and foot massage ever! So thank you to the students who gave me that gift certificate! It was wonderful! And she did magic on my broken nail to make it look whole - and once she took off all the polish, I found out that one toe did not have discolored polish on it - it has a big ole bruise!

Gave myself a treat and got two of the Creme Brulee chocolates from Godiva! YUM YUM. But sorry Godiva - other than that See's still beats you hands down!

Had a $100 gift card to Macy's. Now, I am not supposed to shop at Macy's becuase my husband is still bitter over how he was treated as an employee there years ago. So I rarely go there. Plus, I am jsut not a Macy's girl. Their stuff is just too outrageously over priced and really, not all that like they thinkg (altho I do have some jewelry from there from decades ago that I still prize). Orginially I was gonna get me a purse, but I already did that at the Fair. So I really needed a new wallet and finally got one altho not the color I really wanted....but then, I dont think I could have been satisfied unless they had a design-your-own place. But now, after looking at jewlery (I was lookig for gold hoops and silver hoops) and even baby clothes (dang, their baby clothes department has really gone downhill over the years) I still have more than 1/2 of that gift card left...what to do?!

So then I went to Nordies. Had already scoped them out and saw that their wallet dept. was even worse than Macy's. And their jewelry was bad too. C'mon - I can get the same costume jewlery at Kohl's or Mervyns for less. And we all know how high the mark up is on jewelry. I did finally get some gold hoops - same as the ones at Macy's but $10 less and NOT on sale - and still have 1/2 that gift card left!!!!

Oh well, I am jsut not a mall shopper...

And yes, it is still hot as Hades out. Went to a movie last night - gourmet dinner of a hotdog and popcorn! But air conditioning for a couple of hours. We saw Wanted. Cant say it was a good movie...cant say it was a bad movie. All I can sy - it was an air conditioned movie! Came home and got in the pool for about 1/2 hour last night!

Wonder what we will do tonight to escape the heat? Doesnt feel quite as bad as yesterday. Am I getting use to it? I work tomorrow and then the weekend. Hopefully the heat will start to subside. I feel so so so sorry for the fire fighters out there in the wildlands fires. I cannot imagine having to put up with the terrain - (especially poison oak!) - add into that the heat of the fire - the smoke - the packs they have to carry and the safety clothes - and add into all that this brutal heat! May God bless them and keep them all safe.


Aunt Kathy said…
Wow Dani, you are so right about so all of that.

As for the gift card, maybe you can give it to the next mannered older womn you see and tell her thank you and enjoy.

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