Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, now that we are playing with the idea of still going to Hawaii, I came up with a wonderful idea - that I was going to do as a surprise! I decided - what the heck, lets help the economy - and we will spend one night at the Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu to (belatedly) celebrate our 35th anniversary.

So went over to check out the site and see what the cheapest room is.

The hotel closed for renovations June 1 , 2008 to re-open January 2009.


There went that dream!

This whole vacation trip thing has been fraught with casualties!

Looked at my tomato plant today - it is huge and had lots of blossoms but only a few tomatoes. But one of those tomatoes is definetly light red, and another one is becoming red! Dont know that the harvest if going to be worth the investment of water and all it took (this was the free plant left on our doorstep) but I know they will taste wonderful.

And my husband has been very pessimistic about the 2 free corn plants we got from the fair. But one has started growing like crazy! So maybe we will have one ear of corn to share! LOL
Never have grown corn before so it is a fun adventure.

Long and tiring days at work this week. Been pretty busy - I didnt get out of work until almost 9 PM Tuesday night. And - before all that craziness started - agreed to take call this Sat night from 7P - 11P (I work 7A - 7P on Sat and Sun).....dont know how that is going to work out. But yesterday on my way home from workk - it dawned on me. So often dayshift will pick up hours to help out nights - either by staying over or taking call or filling holes) but I dont see a lot of nightshift doing the same for dayshift. In fact, I dont see a lot of night shift doing it for nightshift! (Of course saying that, there are a few very kind souls who do it a lot, bless their hearts!).

On a knitting note - if anyone is looking for baby yarn, please check out Bernat Baby Jacquard yarn - you can see it at I picked it up on a whim and decided to make the hat pattern on the label and I LOVE this yarn! So soft and easy to knit with and the way it patterns is so sweet! I got the berries and cream colorway and want to get some more! Also started on Luke's blanket. So Connor's is on hold right now (but that doesnt need to be done until November anyway but Luke's needs to be done by September!).


Jennifer said...

Thanks for entering my contest. Good Luck!
Happy Knitting and Gardening.

Aunt Kathy said...

so sorry about the vacation woes.