Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation Doldrums

We are going nuts trying to decide on our 'big' vacation for this year.
Had to bump it to October becuase of Luke...
Cant get rooms at WDW for the time we want unless we are willing to stay two nights at one hotel and then schlep our stuff to another...did that one time...not worth the time and effort.
And of course air fre has skyrocketed!

We (I) wanted a nice laid back (AKA beach!) vacation to pay back for our year....not sure that is going to happen...

So far we are still looking at Hawaii...trying to decide if the excessive air fare + gas for rental car is worth it...have looked t an all inclusive resort in Cancun on the reccomendtion of someone...price wise (and looks of the place) are okay but what a struggle to get there!
So...any suggestions?

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Aunt Kathy said...

I wouldn't do the hotel changing thing either, that's a bummer.

I have no suggestions though, Florida maybe, Californina, Coast of Maine... are those spaced out enough? LOL

I so need a vacation too, think i can come, lol?