A ghostly visit? Or rodent?

Dang - I dont know how to rotate photos! Ok...this sideways photo is of my kitchen cupboards, above the microwave, which is above the stove and oven. See the 2 little vintage egg cups? There were 3 until last night. I grew up with these - one with a pink inside, one with yellow, and one with green. We had jsut laid our weary heads on our pillows last night when there was this loud crash of something breaking. We dashed to the living room...nothing....nothing in the dining room either....and then I saw the shards on the kitchen floor and immediately knew what it was. But the big question is - how? It literally had to come up over over the lip of the border (I forget what it is called) and fly down to land totally on the floor. Didnt bounce off the stove or anything on the way. So did a mouse or rat push it off? We didnt hear anything, so where did it hide after wards? And there are no droppings up there.
Remember I bought a new purse? Which means I have to give one away. I found one that I thought I would give away quite easily, but it isnt gone yet and every time I pass by it, I am not sure about parting with it. Anyway, inside of it I found a couple of things. One of which was a partially completed canvas work kit. So I decided to complete it...tweaked it a little (see how I purposely made the green/aqua mountains not match? Wish I had done that with the yellow/orange blocks but those were already completed - I did put the orange Xs on top of the yellow) and added the sunflower button. So I have a new change purse for work.
My multi colored sunfloweres are so beautiful. Wish there werent cars in the way. These dont appear to set seeds tho like other ones.
I have just posted a bunch of items on Ebay. And have a bunch more to post over the next few days. Yes, I am working at clearing out the junk room. Spent an hour up there yesterday - got rid of a huge bag of recylcables, a smaller bag of trash, and a bag of Ebay items. And you cant even tell I did anything at all! I really need to find a big bookcase for up there - that would realy help in cleaning up and re-arranging everything. If you want to view the items on Ebay, my seller name is greendogwoman.

Now I think I will head over to the gym....


leah said…
What a cute coin purse! and how weird that it would fall like that! :(
Birdsong said…
When I saw the coin purse, I thought 'knitting accessory', but coin purse works too... very cute! Sorry about the egg cup... it could be a rodent even with no other evidence, but then I had a slice of a cracked antique mirror fall out last week, because the wood had swelled from running the swamp cooler!
MLJ1954 said…
Love the sunflowers . . . Of course, it is what I have in my kitchen.

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