Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Catch-Up!

I just noticed that I posted my last entry on what was my dad's birthday!

I hope all the dad's out there had a lovely day. We went over to daughter's house for a very good lunch - and I am still hoping she sends me her recipe for her pulled chicken sandwiches!

It was a lovely day - sunny - warm - not too hot. We ate outside - daughter, son in law, 3 grandsons, in-laws, friends, and eventually son and girl friend. It was nice - I ate too much - and I totally forgot that I had my camera with me!

Oldest grandson is convinced we are all going to Disneyland in August. Guess he just does not understand October.

I am happy and relieved. Went to the MD today (guess that will be another $800+ charge!) but according to the Xrays my ankle is healing - and I am having good callus formation. I am a little concerned cause now it says 'slightly displace' which no one told me before. The one disadvantage of not working is not being able to look at the Xray myself and see how the changes look!

Anyway - I am looking at 4 more weeks off (which will be the 8 weeks total that he told me in the beginning) but the very good news is that I can start putting some weight on that leg now! He wants me to not put more than 50% on it and warned me it could tire out very quickly, but it makes life easier! I have tried walking that way around the house and I must admit, that so far, it is much slower. But I do feel more secure!

So, another Xray before I see him again July 22 - and if all goes well, I can return to work the week of July 27. But maybe now I can have a teensy little bit more enjoyment of my time off, sicne crutches will be a little bit easier - altho slower - this way means a little bit more independence!

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