Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend update!

Weeks ago, this section of our fence (on the house we rent) blew down. Had the tenant find out the landlord information from the house next door - and we contacted the Management Company. Becuase some of their back fence also blew down, the management company said they would find out costs and let us know how much. Our tenant was more than willing to do the work for the price of the materials alone, no labor. But we went along with the management company.
We had already talked to the insurance company and knew what it should cost to REPLACE and REBUILD that section, so when we got the invoice from the company we mailed the check. Stupid. Becuase then we got a chance to see the work on Sunday. Yeah - $500 paid for the same section of the fence to be placed back up - and TWO new boards (see the bottom board and the diagnoal one?????). Damn......I wish I made over $400/hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wouldnt you love to have that kind of job? So we have a phone call and an email out to the Management Company to see what to do about this????????????????????????

Our herb garden....

If you can see there are some tiny tomatoes!!! At least on one of the 3 plants!

And one of our squash plants have baby sqaush on it!

Look at the change - see how much the corn has grown? The baby one has caught up to its brothers!

Our crazy dog and our son's crazy dog - who had come over to go swimming! He is a swim-aholic.

Our lazy dog - he has such a rough life - he was so tired he fell off (one of) his bed and it didnt even wake him up!!!!!!!

My February Lady sweater getting ready for the Fair.....after I tried a bunch of different buttons on it. Never did find the ones I envisioned, but I really liked these rose ones (see the close up above)

Saturday I got out of the house. Had to go by work to do paperwork to renew my liscence - everything is due this month! And then we had to go to the nursery - to take back some fertilizer.....bought peppermint, spearmint, and a curly leafed parseley to add to our herb garden! I say our, even tho hubby has (and is) doing all the work.
Sunday we went down to Monterey area to visit. Stopped by the house as above. And then went to visit friends. The guys went and played golf. And the wife and I sat around their house - she jsut had foot surgery! So gimpy and gimpier sat around, caught up, and enjoyed the sun when it came out - but at least she can walk on her foot!!!! The just re did their kitchen, their fireplace, a bathroom, put hardwood floors in and it looks beautiful!
And hubby and I got to eat at our favorite restuarant - which was a little off again. But he got his squid fix (and barely shared any with me at all!!!) and it felt so good to be outside in the sun and smell the ocean!!!!!!
And now, I am back on my throne. Lucky me. Three weeks done. I go in for a repeat Xray this week to see if the healing is happening. I hope so - and then I see the MD next week to see how much longer I am on house arrest!!!

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Smalltown RN said...

What a wild and crazy time!!! I hope u are feeling better sooner rather than later...cheers...