Thursday, June 4, 2009

June Gloom

That is what the coastal communities usually call the weather in June. All the out-of-staters come in to visit wearing their shorts and tank tops and cant figure out why it feels like winter! Shhh, we only tell really special people when the best time to visit is! But this year it is even hitting us further inland.....both the outside weather and the inside weather!

Yesterday we had a lovely - but way too brief - storm! Rain and hail and thunder and a little bit of lightening! Love the smell of spring rains!!!
I was standing at our patio door but that wasnt very close. So I went to the front door where I could truly appreciate it - and a man came up to the door and handed me a lovely bag. From a place called Edible Bouquets. The lovely thing about the bag was that it was handled so I could take it with me easily as I hobbled and hopped back to my perch on the couch.

My co-workers sent me a luscious gift! Now to preface this - the worst thing about being stuck home is finding something to watch on TV and then not being able to eat what the movie made you hungry for! Yesterday I watched "The Waitress" and I was DYING for pie.....well, I really mean, PIES!

But what was in the box was something even better! A virtual field of luscious ripe, sweet, strawberries - each covered with some type of chocolate and rolled in different goodies!! YUM! Luscious AND good for me! (Did you know strawberries have more vitamin C than even oranges? And Vitamin C was one of the recommendations the Urgent Care MD made for healing!!)

Here is my constant companion. Yesterday he protected me against squirrels, the pest control man who had the audacity to be walking around the backyard, the kids he could hear behind the fence, and the mailman who rang the door bell when he dropped off some boxes....My ferocious defender - when he isnt busy snoring that is! He will be in for a rude awakening whenever I am able to geo back to work and he doesnt have the life of Riley any more!

Hubby had his visit with the MD today. His BP is up and the MD is switching meds. Hubby is so disgusted with work these days - and I am sure I am not helping since I cant hold up my 1/2 of the work and all here at home. He is being wonderful - and very patient - and that is what I really hate - being a burden (hey, I think I hear my dad's voice in my ear saying the exact same words!) especially when he is not happy with other things. Hopefully he will be able to go and play golf again this Sunday - he has earned it.

But the good news is, the MD faxed in the prescription to get me a wheelchair. Wonder how long that will take?????? My shoulders are doing better with the crutches but now I am getting cramps in my right upper arm! Always something......

Got two big boxes from Amazon that I ordered him for Father's Day. Now I dont know what to do with them, cause they are not what he wants....speaking of Amazon - recieved a package from daughter yesterday with hubby's traditional Father's Day Amazon t shirt - and for me, a tote bag! I need all of those right now - they come in very handy!! Thank you Kates.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions what I can have sent to my 4 year old grandson for his birthday next week since I cant get out shopping or to the PO??????????

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