Thursday, October 10, 2013

Monday in Paradise AKA Hawaii

 Went to the beach for awhile - the water colder than I remember, but still warmer than CA Pacific Ocean!
 Another cook hot tub!
 If I wasn't reading on the beach I was knitting - didn't get as much done on the socks as I hoped!
 Decided to drive to the North Shore
 Yup - gas in Hawaii is expensive! But they thank you for spending that money!
 Saw lots of horses up there

 Tsunami warning
 No clue - but still pretty
 Didn't know they had sheep here!
 So we decided to go into the Waimea Valley. Had no idea what it was. Kind of historic, kinda botanical gardens (yes, I took lots of flower photos but pared them down for here). Took the audio tour which was supposed to take up to all these interesting stops on the 3/4 mile walk to the waterfalls. Well, some of the historical markers we couldn't find - what turquoise flowers? Turn which way at the plant with yellow and white flowers??? No plant like I think we probably took at least a mile to get there as we wondered around - but still missed stops 34 - 40 which is sad cause I guess one of those was the lei flower garden....

 Hmm, same chickens as on Kauai
 A giant checkerboard game

 Doesn't it look like it is doing a shaka?
 Supposed to be able to swim in these waters. They are supposed to be very healing. But with the rains in the hills around us, the water was very rough from this very full waterfall so no swimming today

 Looks to me like this flower is sticking its tongue out at us!

For some reason the computer is acting up, so will have to complete Monday at a later time!

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