(Well, I am on call tonight which might be a good thing....I am enjoying a grilled tomato and cheese sandwich AFTER I heated up the wrong burner which partially melted the butter container and a sandwich bag....and dropped my - unopened thank goodness - mini can of Coke....So I will get another update on the Hawaii trip here)

Hubs played golf so I putzed around and headed to the beach. He was there shortly after I was! Said it went quickly cause he got to play alone.
 Can you see the person standing next to the kayak? Long sleeved and leggings?? So many of the Japanese would be completely covered head to toes - even the little kids would have hoodies on. But the American Japanese did not dress this way - the girls all wore cute little bikinis....
 This is hub after he plated golf!
 Goofy meets Goofy
 So we ran an errand to Target and came back and the weather had changed! It was raining! But you know what - you are wet anyway so you might as well be wet all over!
 But the adult only pool is cool to start with, so we left there and went to the awesome spa where we warmed up before we headed upstairs when it seemed it wasn't going to break soon, cause that wind got a little chilly
 Random beach shots.....

 So, no plans for dinner .... the plan is to go to the Olele room and nosh on appetizers. Before that happened - right after we showered and got dressed - we heard this odd sound....took us seconds to realize it was the fire alarm (we realized it just before the verbal announcement came on). We figured out where the stairs were - and, due to our CERT training! -- we took off down them thanking the stars that we were only on the 9th floor! Got to the groundfloor not sure where we were but found our way to the bathrooms for hubs - came out and started wandering around trying to find the 'gathering place' we were told to go to - when we say everyone headed back inside. So we stopped and asked someone and they said within minutes the all clear had sounded (guess it doesn't go into the stairwells cause we never heard it!) and that some little one had pulled the fire alarm!

So, we were dressed and all so we went ahead and headed to dinner where this is one of the glasses of wine I had! HAPPY HOUR! Drinks are lower priced as well as some of the food. So we had some crazy good nachos and then some chicken wings that hubs said were good - I am not a fan of chicken wings and these were spicy - and listened to the music (there was live entertainment there every night)
 I forget what Olele means - but there are signs everywhere to teach you the Hawaiian language.....and just in case you didn't know that this piece of furniture was, I thought I would show you....
Found this on the wall of the 3d floor. Does it look familiar? I showed a photo of a real rock from the Waimea Valley.
Forgot to show you these goodies we snacked on - proves this is a Disney Resort! Over priced and so-so tasting, but definitely decorative!


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