Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunday in Hawaii

Well, we were both up early as planned - one of us having gotten way more sleep than the other! Had breakfast and left to climb Diamondhead again! And we did the climb more quickly this time - just as strenuous - but maybe because there was no humidity?

Some sprinkles on the way there - and on the climb - but it was early enough (many people had already beaten us there tho!) that there was hardly any humidity - which made the climb so much more bearable!

After leaving Diamondhead we stopped by Hilo Hatties to get souvenir shopping out of the way - and when we came out it was pouring rain!

Got back to Aulani and of course we did the hot tub after the climb (altho didn't really need it - it felt good!) and then the adult only pool with the bar right there. All ready to try the Hibiscus Kiss that I have been looking forward to since reading about it on Facebook - oh yeah, they don't have them any more - they weren't very popular......sigh......ended up with a Mango Sangria that was okay.....not really that good, but just ok.

After a bit we went up to the room to snack on cheese and crackers and then to the Lazy River again!
 I think the sign says this is a 40XL or something else outrageous
 My honey always takes me out for great meals! $7 lunch - we each had a hotdog and split the chips and a Coke! We didn't realize there was a lunch place inside Hilo Hatties and we were starving after our walk!
 Before the walk
 Look at the rain coming down on the ocean
 Great rainbow
 Wonderful picture of how small and insignificant the Royal Hawaiian looks surrounded by all the huge hotels now

 Look way down into the parking lot - that red dot on the left hand side is our car - yes, we are way up there!
 Now you can see it better!
 These were the new steps they were starting to build when we climbed this originally 2 years ago. So we decided to take them. So nice not to have to climb out of the claustrophobic bunker at the top!
 These were the stairs that we did last time....been there, done that!
 Better lighting in the tunnel this time too....didn't even have to take my sunglasses off
 We survived!
This was on the street near the docks - couldn't quite figure it out until we drove under it and looked to the right - and there was a fire station

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