Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Beginning of the Hawaii Saga

So got to the airport - so nice not to leave before dawn! - and realized I had forgotten the socks I put out for my carryon bag. But luckily snagged an extra pair hubby had brought so I had something I could put on my feet in the security line. I can go barefoot anyway - but for some reason, being barefoot on that airport floor grosses me out!

Hawaiian Airlines has always been one of my top 2 favorite airlines but something has changed. These flight attendants were more concerned with talking amongst themselves this trip....you ask a question and you get a polite answer - no chit chat - no extra friendly anything. They make a big point of telling you they are the ONLY domestic airline to offer complementary meals (after trying to sell upgrades in the airport before boarding) but then they nickel and dime you on the flight. Nice little entertainment center on the back of the seat in front of you - and you pay for anything you watch. And if you need earphones - those cost too. And altho they do tilt out for when the person in front pushes their seat back - that still means it is practically in your face.

Paid for movies that we could not even finish watching because of so many interruptions from announcement and commercials.....rip off!!!

Got to Avis to pick up the car and as we walked up to the counter - their computers went down! Oh dear, I hope this is not the way the trip is going to go...

Got to Aulani and thought we would just have to store luggage and go swimming but no, our room was ready (wonder if they prioritize DVC member rooms?). So we unloaded and went to the grocery store. Yes prices are higher, but not all prices. The milk is a bit higher but it was bread that was way higher!

Came back and did the lazy river - ok, now I truly believe I am in Hawaii!! Made dinner and watched some TV. Tom mentioned about going and getting a drink at the bar and the next thing I see is him sleeping on the couch!

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