Thursday, September 20, 2007

A day to drive a grandma crazy

Well, little Kaia (see new spelling?) is here! Finally!

After a tearfull phone call from DD who was in pain and frustrated because she was not dilating any further (she went from 2 cm to 4 cm after they broke her water and didnt dilate any more) and she was in pain and they werent giving her an epidural....guess they walked in on the melt down and gave her the epidural.

I found out later that Kaia did not like the epidural and showed it by dropping her heartrate and DD did not like it (well, she loved it except for right then) and showed it by dropping her elevated BP. Luckily, I know that both are not uncommon reactions to epidurals!

And then I did not hear anything. At all, for a long long nerve wracking time. Then the next message I got was at 6 PM and all it said (text message) was c/section. Nothing more.

After about 1/2 hour of pacing and crying and putting up with a very annoying father and his new baby I finally called for a break so I could go fall apart in private. Which I did. And thanks to loving co-workers, I was able to pull myself together and called the hospital, knowing they couldnt give me much information - and they didnt. But the tone of voice at the other end helped some. Not much but some.

Wasnt until about 8:30 PM last night that I found out that little Kaia arrived at 1807 via c/section. And she did not outweight her brother or even approach her mother's own birthweight - she weighed in at a mere 8lbs 2 oz! And DD said most of that is hair! Unlike her big brother who was 22 inches, she is only 19 1/4 inches!

Guess she had the not-so-unusual reaction to being born by c/section and had some moistness in the lungs, which bought her an extended observation in the nursery. But by about 9:30 PM DD was finally able to hold and see her new baby!

Although they kep Kaia in the nursery under observation last night, she was allowed to come out for feedings and apparently nursed quite well twice.

Now sometime today big brother will get to meet her - DD wants to wait until all her attachments are gone so she doenst scare him!

And so - a day late - but HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAIA!
And right on time - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!

I love you both and am proud of you you and your sister can compare c/section scars!!!

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