Sunday, September 16, 2007

Home again!

So I will be updating bit by bit on the trip. Along with photos now that I am home...the dial up connection I was using in Maui was way too slow.

Arrived in Maui on time after a very nice, uneventful flight. Then had to wait for luggage (of course) - after getting lei'd of course! Then struggle over to the car rental and wait in that line...but finally on the way to West Maui and our place of stay. Hmm, is this Hawaii or Baja?

The ocean tho...was beautiful when we finally started seeing it. The "airport city" as I called it was a typical US city....Kmart (which, on opening day, opened to 10,000 people who had camped there for 2 days waiting for the doors to open), BK, McD's, Home Depot, Costco...oh, and ads for spam for breakfast!

And then when we got to where we were staying -we were very pleasantly surprised. The suite was beautiful - tiny kitchen, dining area, living room area, 2 bedrooms with baths, and a balcony all around with ocean and mountain views! So by then it was mid afternoon, and we hit the beach for a walk and ended up on the patio dining for drinks, appetizers, and the sunset which was beautiful....and then to bed cause the guys were playing golf very early the next morning.
We didnt know about the complementary breakfast at the hotel....until after the fact and then they would not let yus re-book it even though it was their fault for not letting us know. So we went to the breakfast that Pleasant Holidays put on and then to shopping. Found a great crafts fair and a lousy 'swap meet'....then back to hotel to meet up with the guys and hit the pool and beach! And that sums it up for the first 2 days in Maui...
First and last impressions of the island...way too much focus on resorts and shopping...would I go back? Maybe to see the whales in winter and to do the Hana drive (more about that later)...but would rather see the volcano on Hawaii and go back to Kaui....there was so much more to do there that we enjoyed....

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