Sunday, September 16, 2007

To continue....

So, after we spent the time under the water - diving to 133 feet - and seeing some interesting things (no sharks tho - or turtles - or dolphins) - we got back onto the tender and headed back to the Lahaina harbor.... walked around a bit and stopped for lunch.
And it was at lunch that I found out why hubby 'surprised' me with these tours....because he had made a unilateral decision that the one and only thing I really looked forward to doing, was not going to happen. No trip to the East side of the island. No driving the Hana Highway. The one and only think I had been looking forward to since the majority picked Maui as the island to go visit.
Now, if this trip was just hubby and me....he would have played golf slightly later in the day and I would have spent one day taking the ferry to Lanai....and another day driving some of the Hana Highway if he didnt want to go.
But apparently he decided that when he and our friend got lost - and they were on a crappy road - that apparently the Hana Highway was very much worse (which people at the golf course told him) and he wasnt going to all...which meant I didnt go. So you can imagine this made a rough time since he was playing golf 3 times during our stay there, and I....well, what did I get to do. Hmmm, shop (and those of you who know me know who much I love that....) and go to the beach. Cant say I minded going to the beach at all but....I really really really wanted to go down the HH...not necessarily all the way to Hana but some of it becuase the scenary is supposed
to be to die for - and from some photos I have seen, it must be...but I will never know for sure.....

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