Monday, September 24, 2007

Who the heck wants to live in Fallon NV?

So I ran around all day Friday to get errands done - and took the weekend off (emergency family) to go see my new grand daughter. Friday night I thought I was getting sick with the worst cold I have had in years....downed allergy meds and took 2 doses of Airborne and the next day I was pretty fine. So was it jsut allergies? Didnt feel like allergies at bless Airborne...I am going to start keeping a stock of it in my cupboard (and the Walmart brand of it tastes a little better and is approx 50% cheaper)!!!!!

Started our drive to NV. Hit the Sierras and it was raining. By the time we got close to Donner Pass it was snowing. Sticking on the ground, but not on the road. And there were all these motorcycles on their way to Street Vibrations in Reno! I felt sorry for them - but truth to tell - also a bit smug that they were getting wet and cold and not me!

Took out my camera to take some photos....and my battery was dead. Now, did I bring the charger????? OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about being a loser grandmother!

So we get to Fallon (again - why anyone would want to live there is beyond me - altho it was a bit bigger and a bit nicer than I had pictured in my mind which is not saying much!!) and our second stop was Walmart to get a disposible camera (after checking in at the motel). And then called DD to find out directions...oh yeah, such a big town, we were 2 blocks away.

And then to look at and hold the sweetest grand daughter you have ever seen - even if my crazy daughter named her Kaia Sunflower! The idea was to call her Sunny but DD likes the name Kaia so much, she will be Kaia.

A little it is hard to tell what her complexion is going to be. I think tho a bit darker than her brother - maybe she got some of the Sicilian genes?? She has thick thick dark brown hair, and (when I finally got to see them on Sunday) baby colored eyes. That is what I tell all our new parents when they ask what color the baby's eyes are - a very few have definite colored eyes, but most have baby colored eyes.

So far she seems like a good baby. And Big Brother loves her and seems to be okay at having her home. Of course, who knows how long that will last!

When we stopped by to see her before we left Sunday she was much more awake and that is when I could see her eyes. Even tho she is a shorty (compared to Brother) she has long fingers and big hands!

DD seems to be doing ok - hopefully she isnt overdoing. Guess it is the Polish in her!!! She and her sister both did so well after their c/sections I was surprised (and proud of them both - neither one of them whiners about the surgery after it was over and done!!). I think it is killing her sister that she hasnt been able to - and might not be able to for awhile - see the baby!

Since my digital camera was not working, I do not have photos to post yet - but you know I will post them as soon as I get some!!!

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