Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We have been so slow at work - everyone is getting way more call time than they want. Now it is my turn to get it since I am back from vacation and taking time off to meet my grand daughter. Oh well....thats the non-perks of this job!

A few months ago the battery in my watch died. Didnt know where to take it, and then got a coupon in the mail from a jeweler near a yarn shop. Oh boy! Great excuse to go over there! SI went into the jewelry store with watch and coupon in hand - watch battery replaced for $5! Yes, I can deal with that! They looked at my watch and shook their head - oh no, they said, the battery for this kind of watch is way too expensive - it is not covered on this coupon. As soon as I started arguing with them - there were no limitations printed on the coupon - all their English disappeared. And after getting nowhere, so did I. Yes, I would post the name of the store on this blog if I could remember it...

So I didnt have time to do more shopping around so picked up a $9 watch at Walmart. Sure wished I had my better one while on vacation but oh yesterday on the way home from errands, I stopped at a nearby jewelers. Stopped in - yes they had the battery. So I was looking around and saw this darling earring adn necklace set - silver with tiny diamonds in it - be a nice gift (hint! hint!) if I pass my Comp Exam....and the person said, oh I am so sorry and so embarrassed, but we dont have the battery for your watch in stock - and of course, I immediately thought, here we go again....but she continued to say, but it will be in this afternoon as soon as we get our shipment from Fed Ex. No sooner were the words out of her mouth than the FedEx truck drove up! Five minutes later I had my working watch - set to the correct time and date - and was paying - guess how much??? $5 + tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile I fell in love with a lovely emerald and diamond ring .... would make a lovely Christmas present (pretty nicely priced too). And yes - I will tell you the name of this jeweler atw hich I recieved wonderful service - Lance Cavalieri Jewelers! Stop in and tell them they are being bragged about!

Had some fun at the thrift shops today. Got a nice silver mesh bangle bracelet and a bunch of yarn and a pile of books! Nice haul!!! And all I originally went out to do was mail an envelope to my daughter! Oh, and 2 very nice girly brag books!

Altho the days are warm, it is cool at night. I LOVE FALL! So there is chicken stew in the crockpot...biscuits in the refrig...and leftover brownies for dessert.

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